Getting Started Guide: Chapter 1

Useful tools for coding

Useful tools and software for coding

For any web designer or web developer out there, there are a few tools that are either necessary or extremely helpful – or both! This short guide will shed some light on what tools you will be needing for learning how to code and for web development later on.

If you are just beginning with coding, I’d recommend going for the free software and applications. Later on, you can upgrade to a paid alternative with more functionalities and better support.

Basically, your toolkit will consist of the following programs and tools:

  • Text editor for writing code
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) for interacting with your operating system
  • Photo editor for managing your images
  • Domains and hosting plans for deploying your projects
  • FTP client for transferring your files
  • Backup and storage solutions to keep your files safe
  • Prototyping tools for creating mockups and wireframes
  • Productivity and project management tools

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I’m sorry. This guide is still under construction.

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