Learn Python Online: Best Python Resources

Learn Python Online - Best tutorials, guides, and other resources for beginners

Python is one of the easiest, the most versatile, and the most in-demand programming languages out there. It is a great language for beginners thanks to its clear syntax, great readability and most of all because of the vast possibilities it offers for solving problems and building projects. It goes without saying that Python skills are also valuable concerning the … Read More

Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation: SEO for Beginners

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Anyone who is looking for something online, is going to find it with Google. If you wish to have your website show up at the top in Google’s search results, you need to have a well-managed long-term search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. However, many of the tips and tricks of the past have become obsolete. Hence, Google is now more … Read More

How to Install and Setup W3 Total Cache for Beginners

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In this post you’ll learn how to install W3 Total Cache for your WordPress website. It’s a powerful caching plugin and one of the most popular plugins in the WordPress plugin directory. With this plugin, you can considerably improve the loading times and site speed of your WordPress website. Moreover, this guide is aimed at beginners, and I’ll walk you through each … Read More

Why You Should Write a Blog About Learning Coding

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Whenever you’re learning completely new to you, it’s always a good idea to keep track of your learning. Thus, if you’re new to programming, one way to accomplish that is to write a blog about learning coding. Reflecting on your thoughts and the progress you’re making will keep things more structured and organised. That, in turn, will clear your mind … Read More

How to Create a WordPress Backup Using a Plugin

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Backups aren’t sexy. Backups aren’t fun. Yet, if you don’t have a solid and easy way for creating a WordPress backup of your website regularly, you could be paying an unnecessarily high price once something goes wrong. In this post I’ll show you an easy and fast way of backing up your WordPress website. When you have a WordPress backup … Read More

What Is the Model-View-Controller (MVC) Design Pattern?

For anyone who’s developing a web application, figuring out how to structure the different modules of the app is a fundamental point to consider. One methodology or design pattern widely used is the model-view-controller (MVC) structure. It simply determines how the user interface interacts with the underlying data models. But what does ice cream have to do with it? Read … Read More