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Recommended Resources for Learning Coding and Web Development

Hello fellow coder! If you’re into web development, you’ll really need a good list of helpful resources for learning coding online. That’s why I’ve put together this list of my favourite resources for different purposes. Please browse through the page and see which ones you’ll need most.

This list of resources for learning coding only includes tools I love and trust. My goal is to help you out and save you time so that you can focus on learning.

Let me know if there’s something missing on the list! Have fun!

Please note that some of the following links are affiliate links, meaning that if you choose to purchase a product or service via these links, I will receive a tiny commission for referring you (at no extra cost to you!). This will help me keep this website running. But please, only buy products that you feel will help you learn coding and reach your goals. Thank you for your support!

Table of contents:

  • Hosting and Domains
  • FTP Clients
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Text Editors
  • Photo Editors
  • Prototyping & Wireframes
  • Mailing list tools

Hosting and Domains 


Bluehost offers various different hosting plans, including optimised WordPress hosting. The plans start at just 3.95$/month – including a free domain! What’s great about Bluehost is their 24/7 support to help you get started. If you’re planning to launch your own website using WordPress, you’ll love their one-click WordPress installation feature.

Price: from $3.95/month


SiteGround is one of the best-performing web hosting providers out there in terms of speed and performance. If you’re thinking about launching a WordPress website, all of their plans include managed WordPress hosting. Also, they focus heavily on security, keeping your data safe and hackers at bay. In terms of support and service, SiteGround is the quickest hosting company to answer your questions!

Price: from $3.95/month

FTP Clients


Content Management Systems (CMS)


Text Editors


Photo Editors


Prototyping & Wireframes


Mailing list tools




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