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Learn to code in 2024 (the easy way)

Hey, I’m Mikke, a self-taught freelance web developer.

I have taught myself technical skills since 2016, and I know difficult and overwhelming it is when you are new to tech.

But I have discovered learning resources and strategies that work. And I’m here to share them with you.

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Free coding guide for beginners

New to coding? Begin learning with these helpful, beginner-level lessons.

Start with the basics of what coding is about, and learn in-demand skills to build a tech career step-by-step.

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What my readers are saying

“Mikke showed me how to achieve more freedom and financial flexibility by learning tech skills online. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Patricia S.

“You showed me the way and motivated me when no one else could.”

Jimmy A.

“I learned front end web development at 43 and quit my soul-sucking job to start freelancing. I have you to thank for everything.”

Ian C.

“If you have no clue where to start, ask Mikke. He knows why you feel stuck.”

Nicky S.

Build practical coding projects for your portfolio website

Portfolio website tutorial

It is difficult to find tech work opportunities without a portfolio website.

But building a professional portfolio doesn’t have to be complicated.

Follow my free portfolio tutorial to create an online presence today.

About Mikke

Hey, I’m Mikke, a self-taught web developer. Learning tech skills changed my life entirely in 2016.

But I know how difficult it is to get started. That is why I created this website to share what I learned with you.

I want you to take that first step into learning to code right now. I’m here to help you learn the right skills you need to start a tech career step-by-step.