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Why do I use affiliate marketing?

My goal with this website is to help you find the best possible resources for teaching yourself technical skills.

Especially when you are new to coding and web development, it’s helpful to have someone point out what’s worked for them in the past and share their experience.

That’s why I’ve decided to gather my favourite resources, online courses, books, and other material on this website and share everything I know with you.

I have chosen to participate in affiliate programs of a handful of selected partners. These partners offer resources I trust and recommend.

When you click on an affiliate link on this website and buy a product, I receive a small commission for referring you. There is no additional cost to you. Sometimes you will receive a discount on the regular price.

These commissions help me cover the expenses I have from running this website. I use every bit of affiliate income to provide more free content and helpful resources for you.

Please do not buy any products or services using any links on my website unless you really feel like you need them. Make sure you are 100% sure that they help you reach your goals.

Current affiliate partners

A few of my affiliate partners currently include:

I have chosen to team up with these great service providers so that you can find and use their high-quality resources to help you along the way, too.


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