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Coding and Programming Guest Post

Are you a web developer, web designer, tech student, freelancer, or an awesome technical writer?

Do you love writing about coding, programming, web development, online marketing, portfolio tips, website building, SEO, WordPress, or tech career tips?

If you want to publish a helpful guide about learning technical skills and starting a career in tech, you are in the right place.

I am always looking for excellent tech guest authors for the Mikke Goes Coding blog.

Please note:

Guest posts can only contain backlinks to a personal website, blog or social network account.

Learn more about sponsoring an article (with backlinks to a business website or blog) by emailing me at marketing [at] mikkegoes [dot] com. Please start your email with “Hi Mikke”.

What am I looking for?

I only accept guest contributions that are of similar quality as my own posts. I am looking for in-depth, educational, informational, value-driven content – that is what this website is about.

Before you start writing, you should understand these key concepts:

  • Your article has to motivate and inspire my readers, helping them find ways to improve their learning journey and career prospects.
  • Your content should have a personal and narrative style while still delivering a ton of helpful information. Show my readers how they can achieve more freedom and flexibility in life by learning tech skills.
  • Your article needs to address a specific tech-related topic, issue, or problem. I can only accept highly targeted and relevant contributions that are written with my readers in mind.

What can you write about?

Your guest post should be aimed at beginner and intermediate-level readers interested in coding, web development, web design, and freelancing.

Your content should help my readers learn more about:

  • Coding and computer programming
  • Web development and web design
  • Programming languages like Python, JavaScript, Java, PHP, Ruby 
  • Learning resources: online courses, tutorials, bootcamps
  • Computer science
  • Other technical skills, software, and tools
  • Starting a career in tech
  • Freelancing and starting a side gig
  • Working from home
  • Prepping for tech job interviews
  • Creating and building a portfolio website

Types of content

I publish content that helps my readers solve a problem or answer a question. Your guest post has to be written for real readers who find real value in your content.

The types of content I am looking for are:

  • How-to guides:
    Step-by-step instructions for going from point A to point B. Show how to get something done.
  • Tutorials:
    My readers love detailed, in-depth tutorials for anything related to coding, design, freelancing, working in tech, etc.
  • Lists:
    Targeted, thoughtful list posts resonate well with my readers. You can expect high-quality traffic to an up-to-date list of helpful resources, tools, tips, strategies, etc.
  • Reviews:
    My readers are always looking for the best resources out there. Detailed, benefit-driven reviews and comparisons are some of my most popular articles.
  • Career stories:
    I love personal stories about how you launched your tech career, whether full-time, part-time, or freelance.
  • Coding project reports:
    If you want to share a report on something you’ve worked with lately, I look forward to hearing your ideas.

I am open to any content type. The most important thing is that your guest post is helpful, informational, and delivers real value. Show my readers how they can make progress more easily and improve their lives.

Etiquette, guidelines, and limitations

You can increase your chances of getting approved as a guest author by following these simple rules and etiquette fundamentals.

  • Originality/Plagiarism:
    Your content must be original. It can not appear anywhere else online or offline, including your own website or blog.
  • Quality:
    I only publish non-promotional guest blog posts that are valuable, helpful, and high-quality. If your article idea doesn’t meet these basic requirements, I can’t publish it on the blog.
  • Length:
    All articles should be 1,200+ words. Fill your article with practical, valuable content. Don’t make your post long just to meet the requirements.
  • Readability and formatting:
    Write for humans. Long paragraphs are hard to read. Break up your text by using sub-headings, lists, screenshots, flowcharts, and other visual elements to support your content.
  • Tone and value proposition:
    Start your article with a value-driven opening. Use a personal tone (use “I” and “you”), and promise your reader a clear benefit they get from reading it.
  • Closing CTA:
    Close your article with a concise call-to-action (“CTA”). Asking the reader to leave a comment, share the article, etc.
  • Backlink policy:
    Please follow my policy of one (1) self-promotional backlink per regular guest post. This can be to your own blog, website, or social media account. If you would like more links back to your site, consider sponsoring a post. You can learn more about blog sponsorships by emailing us at marketing@mikkegoes.com.
  • Editing:
    I reserve the right to edit your article for clarity, layout, headings, images, SEO, linking to related blog posts, etc.
  • Author bio:
    If your article is published, you will be asked to include a short author bio and headshot. The bio must refer to an individual author (not a company or group). If you would like an author bio for a company or group, you have more flexibility with sponsored blog posts.

Avoid the following

To make sure I accept your content idea, keep these points in mind:

  • Bad grammar? Bad English? I will not respond to emails containing either of those.
  • I don’t accept generic content. Your article should show your own personality and experience.
  • If backlinks are your priority, this website isn’t the right platform for your content.

How to submit your article idea

If you want to publish your tech-related article on MikkeGoes.com, please send over your idea by clicking the button below, and I’ll be in touch to discuss your guest post idea in detail.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas!



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