The Best Python Courses for Beginners


Python is one of the most popular, powerful and versatile programming languages you can learn these days.

Why should you learn Python, then?

Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn for beginners. The syntax is very clean and simple, and Python code reads a lot like English, so it’s easy to follow even as a beginner.

If you are interested in starting a career in tech, you are probably wondering whether Python is a lucrative skill to learn, right?

Python is currently one of the most widely used programming languages worldwide. The TIOBE Index ranks Python as the #1 most popular language, with a positive trend and growing popularity.

The most popular programming languages worldwide – TIOBE Index July 2022

When it comes to finding jobs, Python is one of the most in-demand tech skills worldwide. The average salary for a Python developer is $115,921 in the United States. There are currently 69,510 Python developer jobs posted on

Furthermore, Python is versatile multi-purpose programming language. You can use it for a wide variety of different projects, such as:

  • Web development
  • Game development
  • Data science
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • etc.

All in all, Python is relatively easy to learn, there are a lot of high-paid jobs available, and you can use the language for a variety of projects. If you are new to coding, Python is one of the most lucrative skills to learn right now.

What is the best way to learn Python programming?

The best way to learn Python is to combine two or three different resources. This will help you apply Python for a wider spectrum of projects and tasks in the future.

For instance, try combining an online course and a book with a few bigger projects. That’s what I did and I can recommend it to anyone new to Python.

To learn more about the powerful features of Python, head over to my article about what makes Python such a great programming language for beginners.

If you are not sure if Python is the right language for you, check out these 12 crucial advantages of learning Python.

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Python courses on Udemy

Udemy has been my go-to spot for learning tech skills since 2016. What makes Udemy perfect for tech newbies is their incredible variety of online coding courses for absolute beginners, including the wonderful Python.

Whether you are interested in learning Python or any other popular, in-demand programming language, Udemy will help you reach your goals step-by-step, one skill at a time.

The Python courses below are just a few of my favourites, which is why I keep recommending them over and over again.

Some courses at Udemy are free, while others come with a price tag. However, Udemy often runs promos with discounts of up to 90%. If you’re not in a rush, you may want to keep your eyes open for the next promotion.

Recommended Python courses on Udemy

  • 100 Days of Code: The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2022:
    Are you familiar with the 100 Days Of Code challenge? This popular, project-based Python bootcamp by the amazing Dr. Angela Yu takes you through 100 different Python projects in just 100 days. Whether you want to use Python for data science, machine learning, GUIs, or desktop applications, this course will help you get job-ready faster.
  • 30 Days of Python – Unlock Your Python Potential:
    With almost 200,000 students, this course is one of the most popular and best online Python courses out there. Justin, the course instructor, takes good care of you while you learn Python step-by-step by building real projects with him by your side. You will feel like a pro sooner that you think, building your own web applications from scratch during the course.
  • Complete Python Bootcamp:
    The #1 best-selling Python course on Udemy
    , and for a good reason: you will learn a bunch of valuable Python skills apart from the basic syntax and other beginner-level topics. All you will need to start the course is simply a computer with an internet connection. There are no further requirements, making this the perfect course for beginners.
  • 2022 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python:
    This project-based Python bootcamp course teaches you both Python 2 and Python 3. You will build hands-on Python projects that you can add to your portfolio to showcase your skills after finishing the bootcamp.

But what makes these some of the best Python courses out there?

These courses don’t just teach you Python as a programming language. Instead, they show you how to use Python to build realistic, hands-on projects for your portfolio.

And that’s what learning to code really boils down to. You can’t just learn the syntax of a programming language and call yourself a developer. You have to know how to build something useful and valuable with the language.

Udemy has a huge selection of further Python courses, but the ones above are my top recommendations.

Feel free to browse through more courses right here with Udemy.


Codecademy offers a great beginner-level Python course with plenty of free content to get you started.

Codecademy is one of the best places to start learning programming as a beginner, including anyone interested in learning Python.

Most of the actual content at Codecademy is freely available, but getting the Pro membership unlocks a number of fun projects and helpful quizzes to get more out of your learning for $19.99/month.

Recommended course on Codecademy

  • Learn Python:
    Master the basics of Python in this introductory course for beginners. This is an excellent place to start if you’re not sure if Python is the right language for you. Once you finish a few lessons, you will have a better idea of how Python works and if you find it interesting. I recommend combining this course with another online course or a book.

Codecademy also offers courses for further programming languages and web development topics, making this platform an excellent place to start learning coding.

Read more in my full Codecademy review →

One Month Python: Learn Python in 30 Days

Learn Python online: One Month Python bootcamp for beginners

If you are interested in an all-in-one Python bootcamp, I recommend going for One Month Python.

The bootcamp is well-suited for total Python and coding beginners. In just 30 days you will learn all the Python skills you will need to start working on Python projects on your own. Especially if you have an idea for a project in mind already, One Month Python can help you achieve your goals quicker than you think.

What I loved the most about One Month Python is the supportive and helpful community with fellow students and the bootcamp instructors. You can connect with everyone easily using the course Slack channel.

Although it is a bootcamp, you will not feel like you have to dedicate your entire life to it. Simply watch your video lectures and finish your assignments at your own pace. All you need is between 30 minutes and 1 hour per day and you are good to go!

Ready for your bootcamp? Great! Get a 10% discount using this link.

Team Treehouse

Best Websites to Learn Coding and Web Development for Beginners - Team Treehouse

The Python courses at Team Treehouse are perfect for anyone who’s just starting out with learning coding and web development. The courses go nicely together with the other introductory courses like the HTML and CSS or the JavaScript resources.

If you’re not familiar with Team Treehouse yet, here’s a little goodie for you: try their FREE 7-day trial right away and see if you like it! The plans start at $25/month, which gives you access to all courses and content – not just the Python resources.

Recommended courses at Team Treehouse

  • The Python Track:
    A complete learning path for Python beginners and programming freshmen! With the help of an instructor who actually created a few popular Python libraries, you will learn all about how Python works, how to write good Python code, and how to work with databases in Python. The Python Track at Treehouse is like an all-in-one Python starter kit! If you’re looking for just one online course, this one might just be the best way to learn Python online.

Here are even more Python courses with Treehouse.

Learn more about Team Treehouse and their pricing plans.

Book: Python Crash Course

Book: Python Crash Course

This amazing Python book by Eric Matthes was my very first programming book when I started learning coding and it still is my absolute all-time favorite.

You will literally go from having no idea how to work with Python to creating your own games, analyzing data with Python, and building your own web applications.

Python Crash Course is divided into two parts:

  1. In Part 1, you will learn all about how to set up your working environment, how Python works, and how to write good code with Python.
  2. In Part 2, you will apply your new skills to three different real-life projects – great for your portfolio!

The author does a great job at addressing even the most unexperienced reader. Each topic is explained clearly and very thoroughly, and the practical exercises in each chapter let you try out Python right away.

Moreover, the pace of the book is just right for beginners. You will never feel like you’re missing something or that you’re left alone with your questions.

If you are like me, you sometimes prefer a physical copy of a book instead of following an online course. If that sounds familiar, Python Crash Course is the book I recommend adding to your shelf.

For a more thorough review of the book, check out my full article about learning Python with Python Crash Course.

Get your copy here →

Book: Think Python – How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

Learn Python Online - Think Python Book

Think Python is another great beginner-level programming book to start learning Python with. It’s a hands-on guide that takes you through the Python language one small step at a time.

The book starts out with the basics of Python, where you will learn all you need to know about the syntax and how Python works in practice.

After that, you will move on to functions, data structures and other more advanced topics of object-oriented programming.

What I like about Think Python is that each chapter has well-structured exercises to help you learn by doing and by solving problems by yourself.

Hence, you will need to try out all the different programming concepts and ideas you’ve learned.

At the same time, you will most probably get new ideas for small projects of your own and how you could apply your new skills to solving further coding problems in the future.

Get your copy here →

More resources to learn Python for beginners:

Happy coding!
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