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Are you just starting with learning how to code for the web? Awesome! I’ve created this guide to help you get started.

You’ll learn about the very basics of how the internet and the WWW work, which basic skills are necessary before getting started, and what tools to use along the way.

Furthermore, you will learn about the different technologies and programming languages used in web development.

This guide will also help you define your goals, set yourself some targets and make up your mind about what area to specialise in. You will be able to choose your first programming language and find the most suitable learning material for yourself.

Moreover, you will also find free, useful tips and resources for learning how to code, both online and offline.

Topics covered in this guide


Start here if:

You are a total beginner and have never learned coding before, or if you need a good refresher on the basics.

Chapter 2: Computer Science Basics

  • What is computer science?
  • Understanding the basics of computer science
  • Resources for learning computer science basics

Start here if:

You are familiar with the basics of coding, programming languages, and web fundamentals.

Chapter 3: Which programming language to learn

  • Overview of programming languages
  • Front-end and backend programming languages
  • How to choose your first programming language?

Start here if:

You know what it is you wish to achieve with coding, e.g. to work in the backend development of a web app or a website.

Chapter 4: Learning coding online

  • Introduction to online learning platforms
  • How to choose your first online coding course?
  • Resources and recommendations for online coding courses for beginners

Start here if:

You know your way around the basics of coding but need great online resources for learning a specific programming language.



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