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How to Code for Beginners: Learn Programming and Web Development From Scratch

So you want to learn to code but you don’t know where to start? Taking the first steps to learn programming from scratch can feel difficult, even scary. I would know – I was you not too long ago. With so many options to choose from, most beginners feel confused and overwhelmed.

How can you find the best way to learn coding without wasting your time or money?

If that sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place. If you want to learn coding fast, you can take advantage of a handful of practical tips that will help you learn how to code much quicker.

In this guide, I’m sharing with you everything I wish I knew when I first started learning coding. You’ll learn the best tips for saving time, money, and your nerves along the way. You’ll know exactly what to do to achieve your long-term goals with coding.

I’ll also show you the best tools and resources to use for learning how to code more efficiently. They’re the exact same resources I used to learn programming and to become a full-time self-employed Web Developer.

Let’s get started!

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Learn Coding the Right Way – Are You Ready?

When you’re about to start learning coding, you don’t want to make any bad decisions. Using poor resources and learning the wrong tools will cost you a ton of time and money.

Therefore, this guide is here to make sure you get started the right way. I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about programming for beginners before you start learning in practice.

To get the best results, I’d suggest you go though each topic one by one. If you run into questions at any point, just drop me a line through the contact form. I’m happy to help you with any problems you may run into!

And before we start, one more thing… When you decide to learn programming from scratch, you have the power to change your life completely – for the better. Understanding programming is the most empowering skill you can teach yourself these days. It’s a huge decision that can lead to incredible opportunities in the future.

So, congrats for getting here! I know you’ll nail it!

Now, start by watching this insanely inspiration clip – you’ll only need a couple of minutes. It’s a compilation of some of the most influential techies of our time sharing their experience:

What You Will Learn in This Coding Guide

Ready to start? Great!

This guide is divided into consecutive parts that you can study in any order you’d like. However, I’ve heard the best feedback from beginners who learned everything from start to finish, step by step.

You’ll start with some Coding 101 to understand what coding is. Then, you’ll proceed to learn more about programming languages and what they’re used for.

After that, we’ll look at the differences between front-end and back-end web development. In this part, you’ll also find out more about what programming language you should learn first.

The following chapter teaches you the basics of how the Internet works. Then, we’ll look at some of the best time-saving tools and software you can use while learning coding.

Next, you’ll find out more about learning Computer Science basics. It’ll simply help you learn coding faster.

Finally, you’ll learn which programming language to learn first. In the final part of this guide, I’ll help you find the best coding courses for learning programming online.

Let’s dive right in!

Coding 101: What Is Coding?

  • What is coding exactly? What can you use coding for?
  • Are coding and programming the same thing?
  • What is web development? What does a Web Developer do?

Introduction to Programming Languages

  • What is a programming language?
  • Why do we need programming languages for coding?
  • Why are there so many programming languages?

Front-End vs. Back-End Development

  • What is the difference between front-end and back-end web development?
  • Should I learn front-end or back-end development?
  • What does a full-stack developer do?
  • What programming languages should I learn?

How Does the Internet Work?

  • What is the Internet exactly?
  • How is data transferred over the Internet
  • What is a domain name? What is a web server?
  • Is the Internet and the WWW the same thing?

Helpful Tools and Resources for Coding

  • What are the best workflow tools to learn coding and web development?
  • How can I save time by choosing the right tools?

Computer Science Fundamentals

  • Why should you learn Computer Science fundamentals for coding?
  • How can CS basics help you learn coding faster?
  • Where can you learn Computer Science for beginners?

What Programming Language to Learn?

  • What is the best programming language to learn?
  • How can you choose which programming language to learn?
  • What’s the best programming language for beginners?
  • How to pick your first programming language to learn?

(Coming Soon!)

Free Coding Guide for Beginners

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