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The Best HTML and CSS Courses for Beginners

The actual content for any website is created by using one programming language, HTML (or Hypertext Markup Language). Or actually, to be quite exact, it’s not considered to be a programming language, but a markup language instead.

HTML is the cornerstone of all web pages and therefore the most fundamental tool to master for anyone interested in creating a website. It’s also a pretty easy language to learn!

After you have created the structure and content for your website, it isn’t really too pretty to look at.

To make a website more interesting, colourful, and user-friendly, you need to use CSS (or Cascading Style Sheets) to give it some character.

Thus, CSS is a programming language that lets you style and format a website. You can spice up your pure HTML page with colours, images, backgrounds, new fonts, etc.

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Learn HTML and CSS for beginners - the best HTML and CSS courses for beginners, web developers, and bloggers

Team Treehouse

The HTML and CSS courses and tracks at Team Treehouse are a superb way of getting a head start into learning HTML and CSS.

If you’re not familiar with Team Treehouse just yet, go and try their FREE 7-day trial and see if you love it as much as I do.

Recommended Courses

You will learn everything you need to know about HTML and CSS in these two tracks for web design and front-end development:

Once you’re done with their HTML and CSS modules, make sure you use your FREE 7-day trial to check out their other tracks, too!

Udemy (Top pick!)

Udemy has a wide selection of courses for HTML and CSS for beginners. If you’re interested in learning a variety of web development languages and tools, check out the courses below.

The courses I’m listing here are ones that I trust and simply love. I can fully guarantee that you will learn everything you need to know about HTML, CSS, and other web development tools you need to even start a career as a professional web developer.

The courses at Udemy mostly come with a price tag. However, they often do special promotions with massive discounts of up to 95%. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll let you know when the next promotion is starting!

Recommended Courses

These courses at Udemy will teach you everything you need to know about HTML, CSS, and plenty of other programming languages and tools to design and build awesome websites of your own:

  • The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0: if you’re going to take only one web development course in your life, this is the one! It’s packed with excellent content and free extras like a year’s unlimited web hosting. This course pretty much changed my life: I learned everything I needed to start my own web design business after just a few months after taking this course.
  • The Web Developer Bootcamp: learn a comprehensive set of tools for designing, building, and launching your own websites. With new modules added regularly, this course is definitely great value for your money.

Udemy is an amazing platorm for learning HTML, CSS, and all the other languages and tools you need. The two courses above will be all you need, but feel free check out their other courses, too!


freeCodeCamp is a great community that can help you learn coding and web development regardless of your level of experience. As the name implies, all courses and material on freeCodeCamp are 100% free.

Learning HTML and CSS is quick, easy, and fun with FCC. They form the first module of freeCodeCamp’s front-end development certification. Therefore, once you’re done with the HTML and CSS part, you can proceed right away to learning further front-end tools and languages like jQuery, Bootstrap, and basic Javascript.

Learn HTML and CSS at freeCodeCamp


If you’re just starting out with learning web development and coding, check out Codecademy first. It’s where I started learning the basics of HTML and CSS a few years ago – with great results!

The content is mostly freely available, so it’s perfect to beginner. However, you can unlock some cool extra modules by upgrading your membership to the Pro version for $19.99/month.

Recommended Courses

Codecademy offers a great introductory course to HTML, CSS, and responsive design.

  • HTML and CSS Course: learn the basics of both HTML and CSS in this beginner’s course. You will also learn the fundamentals of responsive design and how to deploy your first website.

As I mentioned, Codecademy is a great place to start learning. If you fall in love with HTML and CSS, consider investing a few bucks in another course after this one. Paid courses come with higher-quality content with video lectures, more interactive exercises, and better support.

Code School HTML and CSS path

For a great “all-in-one” course for HTML and CSS, I can warmly recommend path below at Code School.

This course is definitely more focused on design and user experience. Hence, you won’t just learn how to write HTML and CSS to build websites, but also how to make them easy on the eye and intuitive to use.

Recommended Course

This awesome learning path teaches you all you need to know about HTML, CSS, and design to create your own, beautiful websites:

  • HTML and CSS Path: learn HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and the fundamentals of design to make your websites even more stunning and easier to use.

The first level of each path is free at Code School. To unlock the rest of the content, Code School has a simple pricing model: you will gain access to all of the courses with a monthly subscription for $29/month (or $19/month if you’re a student!).

Book: HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites

This book by Jon Duckett is an excellent starting point for learning HTML and CSS. It’s an all-in-one solution for anyone who’s interested in learning web development and coding in general.

For a better overview of the book, head on over to my blog for a thorough review on it.

What’s great about the book is that it’s not written for people who already know coding. Instead, it approaches each topic in a way that’s easy for anyone to follow. You start with the very basics first and progress to more advanced topics bit by bit.

Why use a book instead of an online course? Sometimes it’s easier to learn from a good book instead of an online course. If you’re like me, having a book in your hand makes learning HTML and CSS a bit more tangible in a way.

If that’s the case, here’s the one book I’d recommend getting.

Price: $29.99 $22.50 (Get your copy on Amazon)

Book: Coding All-in-One for Dummies

If you are completely new to coding and web development, I can fully recommend this awesome all-in-one book. It is packed with a total of 9 books about web development and programming for beginners.

So, you will not only learn HTML and CSS with this book, but you can easily carry on with other coding topics, such as creating your own web applications, conducting data analysis, and applying machine learning to your future projects. Thus, you will learn everything you need to know in order to start working on coding projects of your own.

The book will not only get you started with coding basics but it will also serve as a valuable reference when you have a question or when problems arise – simply great value for you money!

Price: $39.99 $24.40 (Get your copy on Amazon)

Learn HTML and CSS: Coding All-in-One for Dummies



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