Python is one of the easiest, the most versatile, and the most in-demand programming languages out there. It is a great language for beginners thanks to its clear syntax, great readability and most of all because of the vast possibilities it offers for solving problems and building projects. To help you find the best Python tutorial or online course, this post covers the best resources for beginners for learning Python.

Some of the resources in this post are simple documentations of the basics of Python for beginners, while others are comprehensive online courses aimed at anyone interested in learning Python. The latter come with interactive exercises, video lectures, and much more. You will also find a good selection of the best Python tutorials here to get you started.

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How to get started learning Python? Which one is the best Python tutorial?

The best way to learn Python is to combine at least two suitable resources, preferably proper online courses.

So, if you are looking for the best material and resources to learn Python online, I’m sure you will find at least a couple of useful tutorials and guides here.

As for the best Python tutorial or course, you simply need to find the resources that suit you the best.

Some of us like reading books, while others enjoy watching video tutorials. Whatever learning method suits you the best, try to learn Python in a way that feels comfortable and fun.

If you are totally new to coding and not quite sure how and where to start, check out my Free Coding Guide for Beginners for a kick-start into learning coding.

That said, let’s get started!

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Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning that in case you decide to purchase a Python course using these link, at no extra cost to you I will receive a tiny commission for referring you to cover the costs of running this website. But please, only purchase a course or other material if you really feel like you need it and that it will help you with your learning. Thank you for your support!

1. The Python Tutorial /

Learn Python Online - The Python Tutorial at

To start off with, this is the “official” Python tutorial and documentation at

It introduces you to many of Python’s basic concepts and features, giving you a good idea of the language’s style and flavour.

All exercises can be run in a Python interpreter, but you can also read it off-line, too.

After this guide, you will have a good basic understanding of reading and writing Python programs. Thus, it gives you the tools for making it through more advanced tutorials and for solving some real-world problems with Python.

The Python Tutorial at

2. Intro to Computer Science / Udacity

Learn Python Online - Intro to Computer Science at Udacity

Learning computer science is important when you first start learning how to code.

Therefore, if you are just getting started with programming, I’d recommend taking this course as an introduction to how computers work and what they can do for you.

The course uses Python for all of its diverse exercises, making learning Python online that much easier with just one resource.

The instructor has a great way of explaining all the concepts and topics clearly, so this is a good place to start learning programming, Python, and computer science.

After each short video lecture you have the chance to take what you just learned and apply it to solving a practical problem with Python.

Furthermore, along the course you will actually build all the key components of a search engine of your own!

Intro to Computer Science

3. The Python Track / Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse offers an entire Python Track for anyone interested in learning Python.

With the help of an instructor who actually created a few popular Python libraries, you will learn – among other things – how Python works, how to write good code with it, and how to work with databases.

The benefit from this course is clearly the high-quality content with video lectures and interactive coding exercises. Moreover, you can be sure to find help with your questions within the community forums.

This course is like an all-in-one Python starter kit for everyone who’s interested in learning one of the most powerful and versatile programming languages these days. It might just be the best way to learn Python if you’re only looking for one online course.

If you’re not familiar with Treehouse, you can simply try their free 7-day trial to get started.

Learn Python at Treehouse

4. One Month Python

Learn Python online: One Month Python bootcamp for beginners

One Month Python is a 30-day introduction to coding with Python for total beginners.

In just 30 days you will actually acquire the skills of an intermediate level Python developer. You will literally go from a total newbie to being able to manage and build Python projects of your own.

OMP does come with a price tag. But it’s great value for your money, since you will only need this one single resource to learn Python well.

(I personally also felt way more committed to reaching my targets and finishing the mini-bootcamp simply because I had paid for it.)

What I love about One Month Python is the perfect balance between video lectures and interaction with your fellow Python students and the bootcamp instructors.

During your 30 days of intense python-ing, you will spend around 50% of your time with online videos and another 50% with your “classmates” through a Slack channel. The community is supportive and you will receive helpful feedback for each assignment you submit to your instructor.

Although One Month Python is a (small-scale) bootcamp, you will not feel like you are in a hurry to finish your lectures and assignments.

So, don’t worry about having a full-time job and a life in the real world – you will do a great job at this bootcamp at your own pace.

All in all, if you are looking for an all-in-one Python bootcamp for beginners, check out One Month Python. You will get a 10% discount using the link below.

One Month Python (10% discount)

5. Programming Foundations with Python / Udacity

Learn Python Online - Programming Foundations with Python at Udacity

This is another course from Udacity that is a great choice for programming beginners. It introduces you to object-oriented programming, and you will learn by doing with mini projects in each lesson you go through.

The course advances in small steps instead of big leaps along the way. You will learn and practice at the same time, being able to set your own pace that suits your skills and schedule.

Programming Foundations with Python

6. 30 Days of Python / Udemy

Learn Python Online: 30 Days of Python at Udemy

The nearly 100,000 students of this course at Udemy don’t lie: this is one of the most popular Python courses out there for coding beginners at any level of computer literacy.

Justin, the course instructor, takes great care of you while you learn Python by building real projects step-by-step with him by your side.

Through over 9 hours of video lectures, you will learn how to scrape data from pretty much any website online, how to build your own Python applications, and how to work with Python on more advanced projects on your own like building web applications from scratch.

Psst – Udemy frequently does promotions for their courses, with discounts of up to 95%. Subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll keep you posted when the next promotion is ahead!

30 Days of Python on Udemy

7. Python Crash Course

python crash course

Now I don’t normally play favourites, but this book has pretty much changed my life! And yes, I know it is not exactly an online resource, but it deserves a spot on this list anyway.

Python Crash Course was the first book I used to learn more about coding and Python when I first started my journey as a developer. And being where I am now, I can definitely say that it is a great book for absolute coding and Python beginners! At least for me it was the best way to learn Python I can imagine.

With Python Crash Course, you will familiarise yourself with the syntax and features of Python in the first part of the book.

After that, the second part lets you put your skills to the test with three different real-world projects. For more details, check out my previous post about Python Crash Course.

Get your copy on Amazon

8. Invent with Python

Learn Python Online - Invent with Python

These four books make it really easy for anyone to learn Python online. Each one of them has a specific focus area for using Python to solve problems and write programs.

By the time you finish the tutorials, you will be able to use Python for your own projects.

You can learn how to automate tasks on your computer, how to develop your own video games, or how to encrypt messages and hack ciphers!

Invent with Python

9. Learn Python – Codecademy

Learn Python Online - Codecademy

Codecademy is definitely one of my favourites when it comes to great online resources.

They have courses for Python and a bunch of other programming languages, too. Most of the content is free and perfectly sufficient for Python beginners in my opinion. If you wish, you can unlock more projects and quizzes with a Codecademy Pro account.

This course is a great introduction to both programming in general as well as Python as a programming language.

You will learn the Python syntax and put it all into practice right away. The interactive tutorials with sandbox environments are really well structured and have great content.

Learn Python – Codecademy


Learn Python Online -

This interactive tutorial website offers a great introduction to Python for beginners.

It is mainly aimed at anyone interested in learning Python for data science and analysis.

Whether you are an experienced programmer or just beginning with coding, these tutorials will help you get started with data analysis using Python.

They start with the very basics, introducing you to the syntax and other technicalities. After that, you are ready for the more advanced tutorials.

11. Google’s Python Class

Learn Python Online - Google's Python Class

Yes – you can also learn Python online with Google!

As Google itself is powered by lots of code written with Python, they also support the community and help you and me learn the language.

This free class is aimed at anyone who wishes to learn Python online and has a little bit of programming experience. It includes lecture videos and written material, as well as plenty of coding exercises to practice Python coding.

You will start by setting up Python and installing it on your computer. Then, you will get an introduction to Python and advance to more challenging material.

The class is structured as an intensive 2-day course, after which you will have a good basic understanding of Python and how to use it for your own projects.

This is perhaps the best Python tutorial in terms of clarity, structure, and variety of content!

Google’s Python Class

12. Learn Python The Hard Way (LPTHW)

Learn Python Online - Learn Python The Hard Way LPTHW

Learn Python The Hard Way is a rock solid resource to start learning Python.

It will serve as an introduction to programming in general and it uses a technique called instruction that is designed to build a skill through repetition – hence the “hard” way.

But don’t worry, it’s not hard! In fact, this method should be excellent for beginners, since it will make sure that you can build up your skills slowly before proceeding to more complex topics. Definitely a book worth going through!

Learn Python The Hard Way / Get the Book directly on Amazon

13. Python Tutorial – After Hours Programming

Learn Python Online - After Hours Programming

If you are a total beginner and you’re looking for the best Python tutorial, this one will help you get started!

It has all the basic components and technicalities very clearly explained for beginners.

You will start by learning about variables and advance to functions, lists, and classes later on during the course of these easy-to-follow Python tutorials.

Finally, you can test your skills with quick Python Quiz at the very end.

Python Tutorial – After Hours Programming

14. Programiz: Learn Python Programming

Learn Python Online - Learn Python Programming at Programiz

The Programiz Python guide is the perfect Python tutorial for beginners. It introduces you to Python as a programming language from scratch.

This guide uses clear tutorials for explaining all the most important aspects of coding with Python.

Thus, you will start with an introduction and then to flow control, functions, native datatypes, file handling, objects and classes, etc.

All in all, a comprehensive, well-rounded guide for anyone interested in learning Python.

Python by Programiz

15. Practice Python: Beginner Python Exercises

Learn Python Online - Practice Python

This simple but helpful set of exercises is great way for beginners to learn Python online!

It is a set of practical problems you need to solve with Python.

Each one comes with a short discussion about a specific topic and also a link to the solution later on.

16. Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

Learn Python Online - Think Python Book

For those of you who are more into books rather than online courses, Think Python is a great book to start with.

It is a hands-on guide that takes you through the Python language one step at a time.

You will start with the very basics of Python and then move on to functions, data structures, and object-oriented programming.

Each chapter has exercises to help you learn by doing and trying out all the different programming concepts as you learn them.

Get the book directly on Amazon

17. Pythonspot Python Tutorials

Learn Python Online - Pythonspot Python Tutorials

Pythonspot has put together a complete Python programming tutorial for both beginners and professional developers.

It is a nice collection of tutorials and insights that are categorised into several different groups.

First, you will get acquainted with Python as a programming language.

Moving on, you progress to learning more about web development with Python, building games, and much more.

Python Tutorials by Pythonspot

18. Tutorialspoint – Learn Python Online

Learn Python Online - Tutorialspoint

This is another great guide for beginners to learn Python online.

First off, it covers the history and main features of Python. Subsequently, you will have the chance to learn how to use Python.

You will start with the Basic Tutorial and later move on to the Advanced Tutorial.

Tutorialspoint – Learn Python


Learn Python Online -

Snakify is a great website to learn Python online and practice it with a bunch of different exercises.

It is a highly interactive introductory course that uses an in-browser code runner.

Hence, you don’t need to setup anything to get started. Moreover, you can carry on with your exercises whenever, wherever.

Each lesson consists of three parts: theory, steps, and problems.

With over 100 problems included, you will have plenty to do before you’re done!

20. Full Stack Python

Learn Python Online - Full Stack Python

This open book is aimed at developers with some Python skills and knowledge.

Full Stack Python helps you take the first step in creating a real web application.

It explains and takes you through all the necessary steps to create, deploy, and operate Python web applications.

Full Stack Python

21. The Python Challenge

Learn Python Online - Python Challenge

Saving the best for the last! The Python Challenge is a multi-level puzzle challenge, where you learn Python online by solving different problems using your Python skills.

If you have never programmed before, this one will probably be a bit tricky. However, I would suggest you keep the challenge bookmarked.

While you learn Python online, whenever you figure out a solution for a problem you have struggled with, go back and see if you can solve it.

The Python Challenge is definitely challenging and difficult – yet fun and rewarding!

The Python Challenge

Learn Python online with the best Python tutorials, online courses, and other resources for beginners

Wrapping it up: Best Python Tutorials to Learn Python Online

I hope you found a guide, a course, or a tutorial that suits you best. As I mentioned before, it is now easier than ever to learn Python online with all the different resources available online.

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That said, you can start by picking one from the list and seeing if it suits your learning habits. Some of us are more into learning by reading, some learn better with video lectures.

You can find plenty of free resources, but also a bunch of high-quality paid courses that are great value for your money.

All that matters is that you simply start learning and keep going. Learning how to code has so many benefits, so it’s best to start right away.

Obviously, the best way to learn Python is to start today, practice daily, and stick to it!

It is not going to be all fun and games and you will surely struggle at some point. But don’t give up, just take a little break and get back to it. You brain will overheat every now and then, that’s just a part of the game. But you will be that much closer to mastering one of the most in-demand and powerful programming languages on the planet.

To help you get started, here are a couple of helpful articles for you:

To make the most of your learning, check out this post with 10 helpful tips for learning coding more efficiently!

If you enjoyed this post about learn Python online and the best way to learn Python, just drop me a line in the comments below!

P.S. I’d appreaciate if you shared this post about the best Python tutorials with others, so that they can find it, too! Thanks so much!

Catch you later, happy coding!
– Mikke




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