The Best Black Friday Coding and Web Development Deals in 2022


updated Dec 8, 2022


Please note: I will update this Black Friday deals page as soon as new deals are released.

When you are learning tech skills, it’s only smart to plan your learning journey and make good use of Black Friday coding and web development deals. A bit of planning ahead can help you save tons of money throughout the entire year.

For 2022, I will gather the best Black Friday deals for developers and techies on this page, regardless of your skill level.

These are the best discounts you will ever see from these companies, so you don’t want to miss them.

If you are new to coding and want to learn the best skills for cheap, you’re in the right place. If you want to start making money as a freelancer and start your own business, I got you covered.

I’ll walk you through everything from online courses and tutorials to tools such as domain names, web hosting, useful software, and online marketing.

These Black Friday deals will help you go from zero tech skills to making money as a professional developer or entrepreneur step-by-step.

Please note: This post contains affiliate links to products I use and recommend. I may receive a small commission if you purchase through one of my links, at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

The best Black Friday coding and teh deals

Black Friday Tech Bundle (60% Off)

My limited-time Black Friday Tech Bundle includes two of my most popular e-books:

  1. Learn the right tech skills faster with my Smart Tech Skill Strategy E-Book
  2. Launch your tech side hustle by learning HTML and CSS and build a profitable side income source with my Make $100 Freelancing With HTML & CSS E-Book

👉 Learn more about the bundle here!

Black Friday online course deals

These Black Friday course discounts will help you get started with learning tech skills right away.

Whether you want to learn web development, data science, game development, or mobile app development, these deals are the best offers you will see this year!

Udemy: 85% off selected courses

Udemy is a massive online learning platform where you get lifetime access to any course you purchase. They offer courses for just about any coding and tech skill you can imagine: HTML and CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, Python programming, and much more.

If you are new to Udemy, don’t miss their free resources and courses!

Udemy offers up to 85% off selected courses.

Black Friday deal:

  • Promo code: BLACKFRIDAY22PP
  • Offer starts: Nov 18
  • Offer ends: Nov 25

Cyber Monday deal:

  • Promo code: CYBERMONDAY22PP
  • Offer starts: Nov 27
  • Offer ends: Nov 28

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DataCamp: up to 65% off annual subscriptions

DataCamp offers top-notch courses in popular topics such as data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

If you are serious about becoming a data specialist, DataCamp’s curriculum is one of the easiest places to start learning the right skills in the right order.

DataCamp offers up to 65% off annual subscriptions.

Offer starts: Nov 17

Offer ends: Dec 8

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Pluralsight: 50% off annual plans

Pluralsight offers tech skill learning paths with courses authored by industry expert in topics such as data science, software development, machine learning, and more.

If you have been learning to code for a while, Pluralsight makes it easy to know your starting level. Use the quick Skill IQ test to make sure you’re not learning things you already know.

Pluralsight offers 50% off all annual subscriptions.

Offer starts: Nov 21

Offer ends: Nov 28

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Codecademy: 50% off annual plans

Codecademy teaches a wide range of specific programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, and Java. Also, they offer tech career paths focussed on web development, data science, computer science, machine learning, and more.

Codecademy offers 50% off annual Pro plans with the code CYBER22.

Offer starts: Nov 21

Offer ends: Dec 2

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Codecademy Pro Lite and Pro plans

Coursera: $100 off Coursera Plus annual plan

Coursera is a massive online course platform that aggregates top-notch tech courses from top universities, similar to edX. You will find a wide selection of coding courses grouped into specializations that cover multiple related skills and consecutive courses.

If you are serious about learning a specific tech skill set using just a single platform, Coursera is the perfect fit for you.

Coursera offers $100 off the Coursera Plus annual plan.

Offer starts: Nov 21

Offer ends: Nov 28

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One Month: 20% off the annual unlimited plan

One Month offers a range of online courses and mini bootcamps for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and more. The courses guide you through your first month of learning and offer you as much help and support as possible.

One Month offers 20% off their annual unlimited access plan.

Offer ends: unknown

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One Month - Learn to code in just one month

Web hosting and domains

If you want to become a professional developer and make money coding, you need to build a portfolio website to showcase your best work.

These Black Friday deals for web hosting and domain names will help you launch your website without breaking the bank.

Bluehost: 75% off annual hosting plans

I’ve been a happy Bluehost customer since 2016. They offer affordable hosting plans including a free domain name for the first 12 months. It’s a great place to host your portfolio website, start a tech blog, or manage multiple web projects through a single dashboard.

Bluehost offers up to 75% off their shared hosting plans and discounts on other products.

Offer starts: Nov 21

Offer ends: Nov 28

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WordPress hosting plans and tools with Bluehost

NameCheap: up to 97% off domains, up to 73% off hosting plans

Namecheap is one of the best, most affordable domain name registrars and web hosting providers worldwide.

Namecheap offers discounts across all products and tools.

Offer ends: Unknown

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Namecheap domain pricing and registration

Siteground: 69% off web hosting plans

Siteground offers high-performance web hosting plans, including managed WordPress hosting with top-notch speed. If you are looking for a convenient, beginner-friendly, but powerful hosting provider, Siteground is the perfect place to host your web projects.

Siteground offers up to 69% off its hosting plans.

Offer ends: unknown

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WP Engine: Get 4 months free on annual hosting plans

WP Engine is a high-performance WordPress hosting provider for anyone who’s serious about optimizing their page loading speed. Their plans are great for bloggers, web designers and developers, freelancers, and businesses of all sizes.

Offer details: 4 months free on any annual hosting plan – use coupon code CYBERWEEKEND22.

Offer ends: Nov 30

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WP Engine - Managed WordPress hosting plans

WordPress themes and tools

If you want to build a beautiful, professional-looking portfolio website quickly, I recommend using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) to speed up your work.

These WordPress themes and workflow tools are absolute must-haves for getting your website up and running in no time.

Divi Theme (Elegant Themes): 25% off + free giveaways

The Divi Theme by Elegant Themes is one of the most popular and powerful WordPress themes out there. The same licence gives you access to 87 further WordPress themes, too.

Just like the 800,000+ other users, I’m a massive fan of Divi and its intuitive visual drag-and-drop page builder. Divi now powers almost 100% of my WordPress projects, and it’s only getting better and better with new, useful features being added regularly.

Divi theme pre-made website pack design templates
Can’t be bothered to design your website from scratch? No probs! Use one of the 800+ pre-made page designs in Divi, customize the content to match your brand, and – voilà – you have a beautiful website ready to go.

If you are looking for a user-friendly and fully visual WordPress theme where you can customize pretty much everything on your website, look no further. You’ll love Divi just as much as I do.

Offer details: Elegant Themes offers 25% off all Divi Theme licences, free giveaways, and up to 50% its products and plans.

Offer starts: Nov 22

Offer ends: unknown

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Divi Theme Black Friday giveaway promo

Elementor: 30% off

Elementor is a WordPress page builder tool that allows you to customize and tweak anything you want on your WordPress website or blog. Build your pages fully visually with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, and see what your page will look like to your visitors in real time.

If you’re not familiar, try the free plan to see if this page builder is the right fit for your needs. Elementor works with almost all WordPress themes, so you don’t have to switch to another theme to get started.

I see more and more clients use Elementor, and it’s quickly become one of the most popular WordPress page builders worldwide. If you’re not familiar with the tool and run into a question or two, the helpful support team is there for you 24/7.

Elementor offers up to 30% off for new licences and upgrades.

Offer starts: Nov 22

Offer ends: Nov 30

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Elementor – Free WordPress website builder

Themeforest (Envato Market): up to 60% off

Themeforest is the biggest platform for WordPress themes, code snippets and scripts, video, audio, and media worldwide. They host popular WordPress themes such as X Theme, Avada, Betheme, Jupiter, Enfold, and more.

Themeforest offers 50–60% off most items.

Offer starts: Nov 22 (additional items on Nov 26)

Offer ends: Nov 30

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Themeforest by Envato Market - WordPress themes and website templates

X Theme: 50% off

X Theme by Themeco is another popular and beginner-friendly WordPress theme for all types of WordPress website projects.

X Theme offers 50% off the regular licence.

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Avada Theme: 35% off

Avada is a powerful WordPress theme for any type of website: blog, personal website, portfolio, online shop, etc.

Avada offers 40% off the regular licence.

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Marketing software and resources

Once your portfolio is online, you need to create stunning content and generate visitors to your website. Use these resources and tools to customize your design, create social media posts quickly, and grow your reach.

Mangools SEO Tools: 50% off all plans

Mangools’ SEO tools have helped me skyrocket my organic traffic on my own blogs and my clients’ websites.

Their KWFinder tool is the easiest, most intuitive high-end keyword research tool out there – and it’s also the most affordable one compared to its competitors.

Mangools offers 50% off all plans.

Offer ends: unknown

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Mangools SEO tools

MailerLite Email Marketing: 25% off annual plans (3 free months)

MailerLite is my go-to email marketing and automation software – and it’s super easy even if you are new to email marketing.

Create beautiful sign-up forms, embed them to your website or blog, and start collecting email addresses from your target audience. Set up automated email workflows to keep your subscribers engaged, or send out individual campaign emails whenever you want to.

The best part? You get access to their friendly support team who are there for you 24/7. Whenever you have a question, get in touch and they will help you in person.

MailerLite offers 25% off all annual plans (3 free months).

Offer starts: Nov 21

Offer ends: Dec 5

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MailerLite - Free email marketing tools

Constant Contact: 30% off Email Plus plan

Constant Contact is a powerful email marketing and automation tool for keeping in touch with your audience and email subscribers.

Managing your email list is super easy with the intuitive interface where you can create beautiful email signup forms with just a few clicks, set up automation workflows, and send out regular campaigns to your audience.

Constant Contact offers 30% off their Email Plus plan.

Offer starts: Nov 25

Offer ends: Nov 28

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Teachable: 35% off annual plans

Want to earn money by sharing your knowledge with others? Teachable is an all-in-one platform for putting together your very own online course and selling it easily worldwide. They take care of managing your payments, email communication and account management for your students, and much more.

Not sure what to teach? Pick a topic you love working with, figure out a positive outcome or result you’ve achieved in that field, and share the steps you took to get there with others. Keep it simple, and help others achieve the same results with your tips!

Teachable offers 35% off their annual plans and 25% off their monthly plans.

Offer ends: Nov 28

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Teachable Black Friday Offer

Workflow tools: VPN & more

NordVPN: up to 68% off (and 3 free months)

NordVPN is a secure VPN tool for protecting yourself online and keeping your browsing data private.

Also, if you develop websites for international clients, you can use NordVPN for testing purposes to see what visitors from across the world see when visiting a specific web page.

Users purchasing the 2-year and 1-year Standard, Plus, and Complete plans will receive an extra 3 months FREE.

NordVPN offers up to 68% off their 1-year and 2-year plans, plus 3 free months.

Offer ends: Nov 30

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NordVPN Black Friday deal

AtlasVPN: up to 83% off

AtlasVPN is a reliable VPN tool for increasing your freedom and security when surfing online. Their tool reroutes all your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel to protect you from online snooping.

Also, their VPN masks your IP address, which can protect you from censorship and other internet restrictions, such as country-based restrictions on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming platforms.

AtlasVPN offers up to 83% off their plans.

Offer ends: unknown

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AtlasVPN Black Friday tech deal

The best Black Friday deals for coding, web development, and tech 2022

I hope you found a few helpful courses and resources in these Black Friday deals to add new skills under your belt.

Remember: these deals are limited, and they are the best discounts these providers will ever offer. Grab them now while you still can!

Happy coding!
– Mikke

Black Friday coding deals - Coding courses and website tools
The Best Black Friday Coding and Web Development Deals in 2022The Best Black Friday Coding and Web Development Deals in 2022

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