Free Coding Guide Chapter 1

Getting Started Guide: Chapter 1

Getting Started with Coding

Ready to start learning programming?

This is my beginners’ guide for all you fellow coding enthusiasts who want to start creating great web experiences.

The entire guide is here to help you take your first steps towards learning more about coding, web development, and building awesome websites yourself in the future.

Once you’re done with this guide, it’s time to get you started with coding! If you’re ready for that already, feel free to head on over to my guide for finding an online course for learning coding.

But before you get started, feel free to get inspired by this short video about what coding can do for you and what a great decision you’ve made with starting to learn more about it yourself:

Coding Guide for Beginners: Choose a topic

In this first part of the guide you will learn the very basics of programming and web development in general. You will also be introduced to programming languages and their uses.

Later on you will learn how the internet and the WWW work, which basic skills are necessary before getting started, and what tools to use along the way.

Furthermore, you will learn about the different technologies and programming languages used in web development.

Happy learning!

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