Designing Websites Using Bootstrap

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If you’re just starting with web development, you’ll spend a lot of time learning how to style and design your websites to look great and be user-friendly. Furthermore, you need to make sure they work properly on all devices your visitors view them with. To get you to your goal faster, you can use Bootstrap – a set of tools that … Read More

14 Programming Languages Explained for Beginner Developers

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If you’re thinking about starting to learn how to code, you’re facing one question we’ve all had to find an answer for: which programming language should I learn first? This post is all about helping you out with 14 different programming languages explained briefly and clearly. You’ll have a short introduction to all 14 languages, their uses, and what they’re good … Read More

What Is JavaScript?

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It’s time to get acquainted with yet another awesome language used on web pages you and me visit every day: JavaScript! It’s basically the programming language of the Web, breathing life into most websites you use all the time. Since JavaScript is present anywhere you look on the Web, it makes for an interesting topic for pretty much anyone surfing online. So … Read More

How to Find Time for Learning Programming?

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When it comes to learning something completely new to you, you obviously need to invest plenty of time into it. Learning how to program is no exception. Acquiring news kills is time-consuming and many of us feel like we simply don’t have that sort of time to spare. So how do people find all this time they need then? I … Read More

Learning CSS Basics

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It’s time to talk about how to style a website to make it look awesome! If you’re interested in web design, you’re most definitely going to be best buddies with CSS. In a previous post , I wrote about how I first got started with web development and HTML. Now, HTML can only get us so far. It creates the amazing content … Read More

Learning Python with “Python Crash Course”

python crash course

Are you looking for a book to start learning programming and Python? This is the one! I know from experience how difficult and time-consuming it can be to get started with coding and a new programming language in general. Not to mention finding good resources and some structure to support the process. That’s why I figured it might be a good … Read More