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updated Sep 24, 2021


Well hello world, glad you’re here! You’ve found your way to my blog about learning coding.

This entire blog and website is a story of my journey of learning how to make computers do what I want them to.

At least to a certain extent.

If you’re interested in learning programming yourself, you’re in the right place! I remember starting with learning coding like it was yesterday. So I know just how many questions you probably have on your mind. But, fear not! I’ll do my best to share all the lessons I’ve learned so far so you don’t have to repeat them.

I want this blog to be about a journey into the wonderful world of tech and coding. So, I’ll write about two things:

  • The “why”: my goals for learning coding
  • The “how”: what I’m doing to achieve those goals

So you’ll read about what keeps me going and what I discover along the way.

And it’s not just about coding itself, but also a little about Computer Science. I just think understanding how computers work is just as important as giving them orders by writing programs.

This very first post will start by answering the following questions:

  1. Who is this blog for?
  2. What’s this blog all about?
  3. How has my coding journey been so far?

You ready? I’m ready! Let’s get started!

1: Who is this blog about learning coding for?

Anyone who’s interested in learning programming and web development!

Since I haven’t been coding myself for that long yet, you’ll definitely find answers to questions you may have as a beginner programmer yourself.

If you’re already coding like the Yoda of developers, most of my content very handy for you might not be. If that’s the case, please feel free to take a moment and let me know what you think in the comments below. I’d love to hear your feedback, questions, and ideas!

So it’s all about sharing my story, really. Nothing fancy. I just hope that by telling you guys what I’ve been through, you can find some helpful information and useful tips to achieve your coding goals a bit faster.

I guess this is my way of giving back to the community that’s been there for me all along. I’ve found so many inspiring stories and other blogs that have helped me through some of the rougher patches.

Learning coding is damn hard! 

But reading how others have overcome their problems has given me more motivation to carry on. I’ve received so much help, feedback, and support from other developers, and I really appreciate it!

So I hope I can help you with the questions on your mind by writing about my bumpy road of learning.

That said, stick around if you’re:

  1. Interested in learning coding yourself,
  2. A beginner or intermediate programming enthusiast already,
  3. My mom,
  4. Or anyone else!

If I can help at least one of you by sharing my experience here, I think it’s already worth it.

And if I can encourage you to take the leap and start learning coding yourself, even better! Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge from an amateur programming blog post.

2: What’s this blog all about?

First and foremost, I really want to write useful posts with solutions to some of the problems you might be facing with learning coding.

It’s also going to be a bit of a learning journal for myself – but that’s less interesting for you, of course. I’ll just be able to keep better track of what I’m learning and see how far I’ll get. this blog will serve as a learning journal for myself.

(And let’s get one thing straight right away: I’m not a writer! It just helps me gather my thoughts, ha! But perhaps this blog will boost my writing skills at the same time, who knows.)

So what about the content I’ll be writing, then?

My goals is to help you learn coding more efficiently and easily. You might have a very different goal and motivation than I do, so I’ll try to keep my tips and tricks more general.

Broadly speaking, there will be four main areas I’ll focus on. They’re all about learning how to code and becoming a web developer:

  1. What to do before you start learning?
  2. How to start learning programming?
  3. Where to find the best learning resources?
  4. How to start building a portfolio?
  5. How to start making money as a developer?

As my skills improve, the issues covered will probably gain more depth.

If you have any questions or feedback for me at any point, let me know in the comments below! I’ll do my best to find you the best answer possible, I promise!

3: How has my coding journey been so far?

So I’ve only been coding since early 2016. But it feels like much longer!

Back then, I came across a simple problem at work that could be solved with a bit of code. It was just a small thing in a spreadsheet we wanted do do, but it wasn’t a built-in function in the software we were using.

So I thought: Wait a minute, code is written by humans. And I’m a human. Does that mean I could do it, too?

I just started asking myself more and more questions about the entire idea of learning how to code.

Could I just learn how to program myself? What could I do and create if I did?

And these questions just kept whirling around in my head. Until one day I started researching about learning programming in general. You know, how does it all work, where I can find good books and courses, and that kind of stuff.

All my research ultimately lead me to Python. It was the programming language I was going to learn first.

It all happened really quickly, actually. One moment I was browsing through Python books at the store, and the next moment I was already reading one at home.

True story: I managed to go through the entire Python Crash Course book in just 1 week. I still don’t know how, but I was just flying through it.

And I didn’t cheat! I read each chapter, took notes like a good school boy, and finished all the exercises.

For a more detailed review about the book, check out my post on Learning Python with “Python Crash Course”. It’s really a great book, one of the best coding books for beginners in my opinion. Highly recommended!

So it was a hasty start indeed. I quickly learned the basics of Python, and also made friends with HTML basics and CSS fundamentals.

So far it’s been an amazing ride, I would never have expected the learning curve to be so steep!

What struck me the most was the speed at which I could solve more challenging problems. It was like having a conveyor belt full of new ideas and solutions. Also, I did all this with a ridiculously low budget: the book retails at around $30 on Amazon.

Thus far, the only major constraint thus far seems to be time. Apparently a full-time passion and ambition for a new hobby doesn’t go too well together with a full-time job…

So to be clear, I am in no way an expert in programming. I don’t have years of solid experience with computer science and coding. I’m simply writing this blog for fun and as a learning journal.

Summing it up: Blog about learning coding

Happy you’re still with me, that’s awesome!

Now that you know what this blog is about, feel free to have a look around!

Here are some of my posts you might find helpful:

I’d love to hear from you – send me a message!

If you have any questions or feedback to me, just drop me a line in the comments below! I’d love to hear what you think and how how you’re getting along with your challenges with learning coding.

  • What made you interested in learning how to code?
  • How did you start learning to code?
  • Have you been struggling with some problems? How did you solve or overcome them?
  • Is there a topic you’d like me to write a helpful post about?

Happy coding!
– Mikke

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