Learn Python Online: Best Python Resources

Learn Python Online - Best tutorials, guides, and other resources for beginners

Python is one of the easiest, the most versatile, and the most in-demand programming languages out there. It is a great language for beginners thanks to its clear syntax, great readability and most of all because of the vast possibilities it offers for solving problems and building projects. It goes without saying that Python skills are also valuable concerning the … Read More

Learning to Code? This Is What I Learned in 6 Months

Calendar and Keyboard

What can you achieve by learning coding for six months as a complete beginner? When you first get started with coding, you’re surely curious to know how soon you’ll see progress. In this post I’ll share with you how much I managed to learn and what I achieved in the first six months when I first started learning how to code. I’ll take you through … Read More

Learning Python with “Python Crash Course”

python crash course

Are you looking for a book to start learning programming and Python? This is the one! I know from experience how difficult and time-consuming it can be to get started with coding and a new programming language in general. Not to mention finding good resources and some structure to support the process. That’s why I figured it might be a good … Read More

5 Reasons Why Python Is a Great First Programming Language

Choosing your first programming language can be a difficult decision to make. You’ll be spending a lot of time with it and it’s not always just a walk in the park along the way. There are plenty of suitable languages for a beginner with enough resources online alone for learning pretty much any language out there. For me, Python was the … Read More