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Who created this HTML5 Cheat Sheet?

Hi, I’m Mikke, the creator of I’m an economist who taught himself to code and became a web dev entrepreneur to have more freedom in life and to work on projects I genuinely enjoy.

I’m here to help you learn HTML5 and front end web development faster with this free printable cheat sheet!

If you are new to HTML and web development, this downloadable will help you:

  1. Learn what HTML is
  2. Understand how HTML code works
  3. Master the most common HTML elements
  4. Get familiar with the new HTML5 tags
  5. Find resources to learn HTML online

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Hi, I’m Mikke.

I’m a web developer and online entrepreneur who teaches his readers how to start learning to code and learn the right skills to start a career in tech.

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Free HTML5 Cheat Sheet