Learn Python Online: Best Python Resources

Learn Python Online - Best tutorials, guides, and other resources for beginners

Python is one of the easiest, the most versatile, and the most in-demand programming languages out there. It is a great language for beginners thanks to its clear syntax, great readability and most of all because of the vast possibilities it offers for solving problems and building projects. It goes without saying that Python skills are also valuable concerning the … Read More

Why You Should Write a Blog About Learning Coding

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Whenever you’re learning completely new to you, it’s always a good idea to keep track of your learning. Thus, if you’re new to programming, one way to accomplish that is to write a blog about learning coding. Reflecting on your thoughts and the progress you’re making will keep things more structured and organised. That, in turn, will clear your mind … Read More

What Is the Model-View-Controller (MVC) Design Pattern?

For anyone who’s developing a web application, figuring out how to structure the different modules of the app is a fundamental point to consider. One methodology or design pattern widely used is the model-view-controller (MVC) structure. It simply determines how the user interface interacts with the underlying data models. But what does ice cream have to do with it? Read … Read More

17 Programming Language Paradigm Terms Explained

It’s time for another post after a very long break! Today’s post is all about understanding the different terms around programming languages and their different types, programming language paradigms. Ever since I started to learning how to code, I’ve been bombarded with more or less cryptic jargon like never before in my life. Surely, it’s nothing less than what I … Read More

Learning to Code? This Is What I Learned in 6 Months

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What can you achieve by learning coding for six months as a complete beginner? When you first get started with coding, you’re surely curious to know how soon you’ll see progress. In this post I’ll share with you how much I managed to learn and what I achieved in the first six months when I first started learning how to code. I’ll take you through … Read More

8 Great Websites for Learning Coding for Free

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So you’re thinking about starting to learn how to code? Great idea! Or perhaps you’ve already started but are not sure where to look for the most suitable online resources? Now the good news is: it’s possible to start learning how to code online for free! The pseudo-bad news is: there are so many online courses available that it sometimes … Read More