4 Steps to Get You Started With Coding

The hardest part of learning something completely new is getting started. So what’s the best way to get a flying start into learning programming? There are surely just as many answers as there are eager students. In my previous post I wrote about what made me so interested in programming and why I want to learn it. In this post … Read More

Why I Started to Teach Myself to Code

There are plenty of questions everyone is asking themselves before they get started with programming. For me personally it was something I had never really tried before. But along the way, I’ve found an answer to everything I wanted to know. I learned how to teach myself to code. In this post I shall go through some questions I had … Read More

Hello World!

Well hello world, glad you’re here! You’ve found your way to my very own programming blog. This is a story of my journey of learning how to make computers do what I want them to. At least to a certain extent. I know just how many questions anyone with a newly found interest in programming may have on their mind. … Read More